Our Team Members

A team that listens to you...


Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Vedavyas Jampanaboyana is a young social entrepreneur, artist, student, and just another living person. He found a steady motivation within GIYLS because there was a unique parallel between the obstacles of entrepreneurship and the obstacles rooted in his own story. He welcomes this unrestricted motivation as a gift to drive success in everything he does, including other projects, and connects with others to prove they CAN overcome obstacles and take control of their lives.



Director of Finance

Manogna is a persevering teenager who is very passionate about changemaking, the environment, and Mental Wellbeing. She aspires to be a Biomedical Engineer. In her free time she volunteers, reads books about Psychology, listens to podcasts, and loves to write. Manogna was able to co-found Project Kind Packs, an initiative to send students and teachers in Title I schools care packages and was able to raise $3500+ and create 250+ packages.



Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Reuben Reeves is a Liberian founder and Executive Director of Rehab Africa. Reuben Started his Venture 2017 and up to this point, he impacted the lives of over 2500 youth children. He’s also a Mental Health Advocate. He loves to see the effects of his actions on his society, his country, and the world through sustainable and innovative ideas. He loves helping the less fortunate around the world! He has the dream of making sure that everyone has equal rights and opportunities no matter their color and religion!




Harika Shankar is a I am very passionate to advocate change around the world by taking smalls steps. I am passionate about various things such as Calligraphy, Piano, and Swimming. I also serve as the youth coordinator at the University of Colorado Health where we provide assistance for nurses and patients in the hospital.



Chief Marketing Officer

Shraddha is a environmental health advocate and leader located in Frisco, Texas. Shraddha leads environmental clubs at her high school and is involved in organizations to cultivate an eco-friendly mindset in her community and nationwide. She believes green design and environmental conservation have significant influence on the future. With a sustainability background, she strives to incorporate eco-friendly ideologies in business processes, building design and construction, and individual lifestyle habits. Shraddha strives to propagate creativity in environmental awareness and design world-wide to promote a sustainable future for humanity and wildlife. With dance and the arts being a cosmic motivator in her life, Shraddha believes creativity is a key determinant in generating change making.